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   Born and raised in Russia, I received a Master’s degree in fine art from the Moscow School of Applied Arts, where I also studied world History of Art and costumes. After graduating I began my career as a painter and my pieces were displayed and sold in numerous exhibitions throughout Europe. 
   After relocating to Toronto, I began a new career as an artist and illustrator. My artistic abilities have been recognized through numerous national and international awards for illustrations and photography.

  Through my personal work, I seek to create enchanting, curious and captivating art, which stems from a certain emotional, historical or cultural approach. I seek to balance real life with spiritualism, the elegance of classical art with a modern vision. I like to experiment and play with elements melting on into another.

   I am always being influenced by my environment. I love Toronto — the city of diversity where you can find pieces of nearly any culture, and from this, I get inspired. There are few places in this world that so beautifully merge various ethnic traditions and backgrounds, along with this constant wave of new and contemporary elements.

   I don’t believe art is often intentional. It is not bound to be any one thing, nor should it be described any one way. My art, while having a certain idea behind it, is free to be interpreted in a very individual basis and does not necessarily fall under a specific description, nor is it destined to be any one genre of art.

  I believe that above all else, art needs to come from a place of honesty — it needs to be the rawest expression of self. And then, of course, three other things make good art: technical skill, knowledge and it's meaning.

Exhibitions and events:

1313 Gallery, Toronto, September 2020
Solo exhibition

1313 Gallery, Toronto, February 2020
Solo exhibition

Julia Yakobi gallery, Toronto, February 2019
Solo Exhibition

Revolution Gallery, Buffalo, USA, November 2019.
Art show

TOAF, Toronto, July 12-14, 2019

The Shadowood Collective
Art exhibition
London, ON, February 2018.

Elain Fleck Gallery
Curator’s Choice Winners Show
Toronto, January 2018.

Elain Fleck Gallery
Art Catalogue Exhibition
Toronto, December 2017.

Elain Fleck Gallery
Curator’s Choice Winners Show
Toronto, January 2017

International expo
Worked as a live artist at BenQ stand
Los Angeles, August 2017

DOUBLE VISION 2016 Fine Art Portraiture
Todmorden Mills’ Papermill Gallery
Toronto. March 8-20

Contemporary Art Fair
Exhibition Place, Toronto.
February 2014.

DOUBLE VISION 2012 Fine Art Portraiture
CAPIC, Toronto.
Toronto Image Works
April 2012. 

Winners of XPOSE,
CAPIC National Photography & Illustration Award, 2009. Artscape Wychwood Barns Gallery.
Toronto, May 2009.

DOUBLE VISION 2009 Fine Art Portraiture
CAPIC, Toronto.
Toronto Image Works
December 2009. 

DOUBLE VISION 2008 portrait exhibition 
CAPIC, Toronto.
Toronto Image Works
December 2008.

Petit Théatre Solo Exhibition
ARTA Gallery
October 13 – 25, 2007, Toronto.

Toronto, May 2007.

DOUBLE VISION 2006 Fine Art Portraiture
December 2006.

Painting Solo Exhibition
«Moscow» Executive Club
Moscow, 1994.

PAINTING EXPANSE — 3 artists Painting Exhibition
TEATRO, The Metropol Hotel Gallery, Moscow, 1995.

FISH IN BLUE Painting Solo Exhibition
Solyanka Gallery, Moscow, 1994.

CENT-PARADISE Painting Exhibition
Moscow, 1990.

Young Artists Painting Exhibition Moscow, 1989.